About TABJ

Established in 15th January 1986, we have extensive experience and resources from a variety of industry practices. Our expert staff can provide customized solutions specifically for your business needs. Using proven and measured processes and projections from our extensive HR network, we can utilize our logistics expertise to create solutions that accommodate the most dynamic markets to markets with special categories.

Our Mission

To bring effectiveness and importance to each project and contribute to the “green” construction practice for a better tomorrow.

Our Plan

TABJ Building a sturdy and efficient building and civil construction that supports business continuity and provides building efficiency, exceeds expectations.

Our Vision

Being an integrated multi-national project contractor, building a skyscraper project as well as a landmark, providing the highest benefits to customers and being a representative and statement of expertise in the field of civil engineering.

Our Service Coverage

Civil engineering skyscrapers

Home and office building

Construction of factories and warehouses

Construction of complex buildings

Road and bridge construction

Construction of oil and gas facilities

Dam construction & dock

Fabrication and establishment of various pipes

Fabrication of various tanks

Project landfill and maturation

Our Portfolio

Through good communication, planned collaboration and dedicated implementation, our contract management team will learn and understand the customer’s goals, and then design solutions that work well. With an independent fleet and professional project leaders, we have all the expertise and infrastructure to deliver fast and consistent results. We have been trusted to work on a number of projects below: